Today? no way

This project is named TODAY? NO WAY it's basically redesign of Chinese lunar calendar. I get inspiration from the Chinese lunar calendar, which, unlike other regular calendars that only provide the year and the date, contains a very special and important information for the Chinese – the Auspicious and Inauspicious events. Basically, there is a list of dos and do nots for every day. The Chinese people always check this list to see what day is the most recommended for them to held important events such as marriage, funeral, ceremony and even business conference. I want to redesign the calendar with the concept of “lucky day” at the central place. For each month there is a package that contains 30 to 31 cards and for each card it list all the dos and don'ts for everyday. Also for each month it come up with different color system and different illustration for same events. Besides, there is a app and small animation for this project. 

Deliverables: logo, packaging design, animation and app design.
Art Direction: Abby Ryan Guido
Photography: Austen Hart