Gender Equality

KIDS DOMINATE is a project I did for one club competition about the gender equality. My concept was to create a gender neutral clothing brand called Kids Dominate that allows kids to feel free to choose what they want to wear regardless of gender.  I designed magazine ads, a website, email blast and school bus graphics to show the idea of kids can dominate what they want to wear. The magazine ads, I combined with slides from different clothes to convey that kids can wear whatever they like. To better communicate with kids I designed school bus graphics with different images of clothing so kids can choose what they want to be look like by sitting in the seat of the outfit they liked. Then the email blast, same kid of idea that let kid chose what they like.

Deliverables: three email blasts, guerrilla campaign, and three posters
Art Direction: Scott Laserow

Liu_Leilei_One Club_Gif_Girl.gif