Doodle Noodle

DOODLE NOODLE is a conceptual restaurant based on the theme of doodling. Doodling has been shown to relieve many of life’s stresses. Doodle Noodle is a welcoming place to rest both your mind and body. Basically my concept was to create a place that you can enjoy the delicious noodle from all over the world and rest your body and mind by doodling. The whole project including a logo, menu, packaging, brand book and a website. The logo is simply showing a pencil draw a noodle and the shape of the pencil and the doodle create the lower case "d". The menu is the central part of this project. To fit the concept, I chose to draw doodles over the real photographs of noodles as my main illustration style. The combination of doodle and photo create a playful and whimsical vibe to the restaurant.The reason I leave some doodling on the photo page is when customer flip the doodling page they still can see the price and the food information on the photo page. And the packaging, I use same illustration style as I didi for menu: the combination of doodle and noodle. The handle of the shopping bag is a chopsticks pencil and the tableware we provide is different from the traditional one, we offer different color pencils that customer can feel free to use it. Then the brand book, basically it’s a working process book about how I start my concept and polish my ideas, how I make decisions, why I chose to do this instead of that… And it also has same kind of illustration style as my restaurant. 

Deliverables: logo, complete brand design(menu, package, shopping bag, brand book), and website
Art Direction: Kelly A. Holohan
Photography: Mike Pilow
Exhibitions: Tyler 15th Annual Restaurant Show
Awards: 1st Place
                  Juried by Roberto DeVicq De Cumtich (World renowne designer)  and Monica Rogozinski(Poducer of WHYY’S “Art of Food”)
                 1st Place Faculty Award
                 Juried by Faculty of Graphic & Interactive Design department