Creature Advanture

CREATURE ADVANTURE is a branding project that made for a summer camp named creature adventure. The whole project contains: logo, brochure, T-shirt design, app design and a website design. The concept of the logo is to let kids go adventure in the nature and have fun with animals. I choose to use snake to form the lower case “c” and “a” because in my mind snake always remind me of adventure and also snake is a creature. Then the brochure, because it’s a kids summer camps so I choose  to use vivid illustration style to fit the concept. So basically, for each event I illustrated a specific scene for it. For the website, t I use parallax to make the website more playful and fits the concept more.

Deliverables: logo, brochure design, T-shirt design, app design and website
Art Direction: Francheska Guerrero