Animal Says ABC

ANIMAL SAYS ABC is a design product for kids or people who wants to learn alphabet in a playful way. This project contains a book, a puzzle, three posters, a digital publication as well as website. The book contains 26 illustrated letters and 26 story with illustration  for each letter. To make it easy enough for kids to understand I used triangles to form every letter and each letter represents an animal that the initial letter is start with this letter. Also for each letter I have a story association with the specific animal. The book come up with a puzzle, which you can simply form all the letters and animals from book by using these puzzles. And the three posters, one is all  upper case alphabet, one is lower case alphabet and the other one is animals. You can also get more information and have fun with all these letters by download the digital publication to your Ipad or simply go to the website:

Deliverables: logo, print catalog, three posters, package, puzzles, digital publication, website,
Art Direction: Scott Laserow
Photography: Austen Hart